Who We Are

FPD School of Nursing and Occupational Health Safety and Wellness School’s overall aim is to prepare nurses to meet the dynamic health needs of the South African community and industry through the developing of clinical knowledge and practical skills of nursing students and practitioner through innovation, sound educational principles and evidence based practice. We aim to positively impact the health environment of South Africa. The Schools are committed to professionalism, caring for the needs of people, improving the healthcare quality and employee and patient health and safety.

Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness S
How to Provide Respiratory Support for C
Courses on offer

Short Course in Audiometry Testing Techniques

TB Clinicians Short Course

Short Course In Spirometry Refresher Training

Short Course in the Evaluation of Permanent Medical Impairment Rating

Short Course in Nurse Initiated Management of Anti-Retroviral Therapy 

Audiometry Refresher Training

Short Course in Occupational Health Risk Assessment

Short Course In Physical Examination And Health Assessment Skills

Short Course in Vision Screening in the Workplace

Short Course in Contraception and Fertility Planning

Short Course in LAW & ETHICS for Nurses

Short Course in Spirometry Testing

Drug Resistant (DR) Tuberculosis Clinicians Short Course