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Nurses Without Borders, a division of NINA (National Independent Nurses Association) calls on the public to keep nurses in mind and in their prayers – they are at risk and exposed, work long hours, deal with long queues and work under difficult circumstances while their own families are at home coping with the outbreak by themselves.


NINA as a Non-Profit Organisation is committed to providing nurses with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding the current legislative and regulatory developments related to addressing the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic.


Nurses Without Borders deploy COVID-19 protocol trained nurses to mainly townships, informal settlements and rural areas with the following focus. 1. COVID-19 prevention through training & education. 2. Distribution of masks and sanitizers. 3. care of infected patients in isolation. The target market is the Elderly, women & children and the vulnerable communities.

South African Tax Payers - Companies or Individuals
Donate up to 10% of your annual taxable income as a qualifying deduction.
Donate before the end of the South African tax year, 28 February and receive a Section 18A certificate.
This means that
donations you make can be claimed as a qualifying deduction on your Income Tax return.
NINA is a registered Non ProfitCompany with Section 18A Status.

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