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Accreditation delays pose risk for nurses' training in 2020

Extensive delays at key regulatory authorities which must provide fresh accreditation to all training institutions are jeopardising the training of nurses for 2020.

The new accreditations come after a change in the curriculum and training requirements.

The SA Nursing Council, which must give the accreditations, says the Department of Higher Education must take some of the blame for the delays.

John Maytham speaks to Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa is a trade union in South Africa (Denosa) president Simon Hlungwani on the impact of the delays.

The colleges and universities are not accredited and are not ready to train for the new programme in 2020 come January. — Simon Hlungwani, President - Denosa 
By today there is simply not even 5% readiness by the colleges and the universities. Most of them are not accredited for the curriculum. — Simon Hlungwani, President - Denosa  
Public nursing colleges are not declared as institutions of higher learning. — Simon Hlungwani, President - Denosa 

Listen to the full interview below...

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