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NINA is committed in keeping nurses updated with the latest nursing techniques, research and practices through meetings, workshops and seminars and newsletters.

We offer the following to all our NINA members at great discounted rates:

  • BLS basic life support training (CPR) - Nurses, please be reminded that you have to complete BLS course every TWO years.

  • Refresher Courses - Post Natal Education Programme for Nurses

  • CPD points training (Continuous Professional Development) - The CPD system that will be implemented by the SANC is in development and will be rolled out soon. It proposes that all nurses and midwives should undergo such development activities following which an annual declaration must be submitted electronically to the SANC.

  • These CPD certificates and training logs can be uploaded to your NINA Portfolio of Evidence. (Free).


To promote the character and image of the Nurses professionally and publicly as caring and proficient.


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Fax: 086 571 8288

Registered NPO: 2019/067177/08

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Membership is open to all nurses who are registered with the South African Nursing Council.

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